To keep your pet healthy, we encourage you to watch your mail for reminders and to call promptly to schedule the critically important preventive care we recommend.

To minimize your waiting time, we suggest making an appointment before you bring your pet in for diagnosis and treatment.

If you wish, you may schedule your appointment with the doctor of your choice. Unless you ask to see a particular veterinarian, the first available veterinarian will see you.

If you have an emergency during our office hours, we will see your pet immediately, without an appointment.

Appointments or reservations are required for all surgeries, dental work and special needs medical boarding in the veterinary hospital.

If necessary, the veterinarian will admit your pet to our hospital for longer-term treatment. The doctor will advise you on when you may call to check on your pet’s condition and when you may pick up your pet.

At all times during your visit to our hospital, we ask that you keep your pet on a leash, in your arms or in a carrier.

If you don’t have a leash for your dog or a carrier for your cat, we will provide one for you to use while you’re here.